The ABCs of SLEEPING mobile app was created to help parents assess their child’s sleep-related behaviors and identify key areas to work on improving.

A mnemonic has been developed that captures all the components of healthy sleep practices (ABCs=Age-appropriate Bedtimes with Consistency; S = Schedules; L = Location; E = No Electronics in the Bedroom; E = Exercise & Diet; P = Positivity; I = Independence when falling asleep; = Needs met during the day; and G = Great Sleep).

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Sleep Check-In

When a parent logs into this mobile application, they will first be prompted to complete the ABCs of SLEEPING for Babies questionnaire.


Sleep Report 

Once the parent has completed the Sleep Check-in, a report is automatically generated. The Sleep Report provides feedback to the parent on their infant’s sleep behaviors and practices using a rating system comprised of color codes and stars.

For example, when an infant’s sleep behavior falls within recommended guidelines, this sleep behavior is given a 3-star rating and visually flagged with green. If an infant’s sleep behavior falls outside of the recommended guidelines, it is given a 1- or 2-star rating, and visually flagged with yellow or pink, depending on the extent to which the infant’s behavior falls outside of recommendations.


Sleep Tips

The parent can then access the “Sleep Tips” section, which organizes evidence-based information and suggestions according to each of the 9 areas of the ABCs of SLEEPING mnemonic and the same color-coding system as the Sleep Report. Parents can select up to five Sleep Tips they would like to work on for that week.


To Do List

Allows the parents to decide what areas they would like to focus on first. This provides an organizing system for parents to use and helps them keep track of the progress that they have made.