[5] It is not known exactly when the spelling changed to exclude the second "e" and became Waverly Hills. 2023 Waverly Hills Historical Society | All Rights Reserved. It was built on the first floor with the rest of the building. Described as dark shadows resembling humans but having no distinguishing features aside from their shape, shadow people are usually seen only out of the corner of ones eye. It opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital with 40 beds and closed in 1961. Of course, we don't know, but assuming they are evil in nature what could be the reason for their presence? "World tallest Christ statue planned for Waverly Hills". In 1996, Waverly Hills was purchased by a non-profit ecumenical group to build the most logical possible thing for the location: the world's tallest statue of Jesus. Learn More If you intend to bring MORE than 10 participants for your private investigation, you will need to contact the Waverly Hills office before booking. Nestled on the top of a placid hill, the old Waverly Hills Sanatorium once tried to heal tuberculosis with peace and good vibes. He and architect Milton Thompson wanted to convert it into a minimum-security prison for the state, but the developers dropped the plan after neighbors protested. That's because he's currently locked in a legal battle. Major Hays was in need of a school for his daughters to attend, so he started a one-room schoolhouse that was located on Pages Lane. As far as the lawsuit, this continues to play out in court, and the Waverly Hills Historical Society is hopeful for a conclusion soon. And to hear that they were kicked out of their home, which they lived right over there, and kicked off their own property that they have saved, then they were locked in this legal battle that they couldnt afford to fight, Pack said. Friday and Saturday Nights (12AM 6AM) in March August. It is listed on the National Historic Register and became known as one of the "most haunted places on earth." The Waverly Hills Historical Society, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, was formed to save the building and promote the education of its history, architectural significance, and . The Mattinglys were only permitted to stay in an apartment on the property as needed as a fringe benefit to Tina Mattinglys Executive Director position. Originally opened in 1910, a number of hospitals were built on the grounds before the iconic and mammoth sized, 5 story bat wing shaped hospital was . No one under the age of 13 years of age will be permitted. Each year thousands of people visit Waverly to see the architecture, learn of the rich history, or chance an encounter with the unknown. The massive five story hospital was built in 1926 and sits atop Waverly Hill today. Even if you dont believe in the paranormal (which you will by the time you leave), the building is such an awesome piece of history it is so well worth the time and money. Similar history. Chris began to cry, and the rest of the group barely held it together, but finally, they made it out of the sanatorium and into Joeys sisters car. All told, by some estimates, over 63,000 people have tragically lost their lives on the grounds over the years. It was a huge waste of $25.00 and my time. One legend stems from the experiences of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. After your private investigation, you can opt to stay and sleep in the Waverly Hills Bunk House. As the official Waverly Hills site explains, the original sanatorium was a two-story frame building with a half-timber design, with an administration building and the open-air pavilions for the patients to be exposed to air and sun. As Atlas Obscura explains, the hospital housed a secret tunnel through which the administrators would wheel the bodies of those who had succumbed to the disease. The stories say that it is on this floor that people have seen shapes moving in the windows, heard voices telling them to get out, and evenso they sayjumped to their own deaths. The property is currently owned by a couple who hold events each Halloween to raise money for restoration. The swampland of Kentucky had created a large amount of TB . The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a former hospital for tuberculosis patients. Either way, there was no shortage of dead bodies that had to be moved out of the sanatorium, and patients seeing corpses being wheeled out on the regular would be pretty counterproductive to Waverly's "no bummers" approach to medical treatment. Watch the Real Crime and new shows!See what makes this sanatorium one of the world's most eerie locations. According to local legend,the head nurse of Room 502 was found hanging from a light fixture. The new Sanatarium was officially opened July 26, 1910. As Kentucky Historic Institutions explains, the land was originally the family home of Major Thomas H. Hays, who bought the land outside Louisville, Kentucky, on which the sanatorium now stands in 1883. Please Note: We are working very hard to restore and preserve Waverly Hills Sanatorium. With the film Spooked along with visits from high-profile ghost hunters, Waverly Hills Sanatorium has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted places in the world. Public Investigations are semi-guided, so a guide will be available as needed after an initial walkthrough. In 1963, the former sanatorium reopened as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Center, a rest home for the elderly. Until we know what ghosts really are, the best we can do is speculate. Deep under the hospital is the "Death Tunnel" which once were used to secretly remove the dead from the grounds. In this case, the activity is more like a recording of the environment. We as a family have an annual trek to Waverly Hills since 2004, This is a must for anyone interested in the paranormal. The original building only housed around 40 people, but by 1926 it had expanded to treat over 500. But until then, the legal fees keep coming. Researchers have noted objects manipulated in their absence, most notably a ball that appears to move around the facility as if played with by an unseen child. In the early 1900s, Louisville had one of the highest mortality rates from tuberculosis in the United . Note: Only Private Paranormal Investigation groups are able to reserve the Pump house Bunkhouse. Perched upon a hilltop in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky, is the former Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a looming, monolithic building that looks like something out of a dark gothic fairy tale, and in many ways, it sort of is. As LiveScience explains, various ghost hunters and spook chasers have reported encountering all sorts of creepy phenomena within the halls of the long-abandoned hospital. Visit one of the most haunted locations in the world! The building and its surroundings were sold in 2001 to its current (as of this writing) owners, Charles and Tina Mattingly, who established the Waverly Hills Historical Society to raise money for the restoration of the building's interior. You want to ensure you are taken to Gate B. Jason and Grant reveal the findings from their live Halloween investigation of Kentucky's Waverly Hills Sanatorium. In 1910, when the hospital was established. Our events currently continue as normal, including our upcoming Haunted House.. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is still open for its regular tours. Waverly Hills Sanatorium has remained abandoned since the early 80s. March through May Waverly Hills Private Investigation This one is for the brave souls out there. Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on August 03, 2014: Interesting :) I have not had the pleasure of visiting Waverley but I have been to Penhurst. Its name is Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and in spite of its modern ghostly reputation, it was established as the best hope of peace for people struggling with tuberculosis in the first half of the 20th century. However, the cost of the statue was estimated to be $4 million while the interior renovations turning the hospital into an arts and worship center would have been between $8 million and $10 million. So while it's true that the most common treatments were exposure to sunlight, bed rest, healthy foods, and fresh air, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium Memorial records that several other methods were applied to patients, including surgical methods that were cutting edge for the time, but that might sound barbaric now. The Board of Tuberculosis Hospital was formed in 1906 to find an appropriate location for, well, a tuberculosis hospital, and Waverley Hill was thought to be an ideal spot due to its distance from the city, its quiet location, and its high altitude, contributing to air quality. As the non-profit steward for the property, the Waverly Hills Historical Society continues to offer educational and paranormal events (such as tours), and this legal issue has not forced the Historical Society to cancel tours or events. For some time, a commonplace surgery for the treatment of tuberculosis was thoracoplasty, which involves the removal of multiple ribs with the intention of collapsing the lung. Below is the full statement. According to Kentucky Historical Institutions, after Woodhaven Geriatric Center was closed for criminal abuse, the majority of the land and buildings were sold off to a developer, who intended to use the main building as a minimum-security state prison. The structure served a lot of purposes throughout history, but the most significant one was E-mail: directorofops@therealwaverlyhills.com, 2023 Waverly Hills Historical Society | All Rights Reserved. What about the dark spirits? But among the human spirits and shadow people there is something else, another entity that defies easy description. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis known as the "White Plague" which prompted the construction of a new hospital. The historical pays for all expenses. [5] Due to Miss Harris' fondness for Walter Scott's Waverley novels, she named the schoolhouse Waverley School. Incredible Image of Ghost Figures Captured During Tour of Kentucky's Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Click the Button Below to Purchase for the Strange Escapes event. Waverly Hills Sanatorium was the final destination for thousands of tuberculosis patients. Some of these treatments included: fresh air (hence the openness on the top two floors), heat lamps, and experimental surgeries. Apart from transporting dead bodies out of the sanatorium, the tunnel also served as a temporary air raid shelter during World War II. There were many tuberculosis cases in Louisville at the time because of all the wetlands along the Ohio River, which were perfect for the tuberculosis bacteria.
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