s.type = 'text/javascript'; AIRFIELDS | If youre learning to fly you have to be tested. The project is a four hour flight around some of the most iportant sites of 'Al-Andaluz' carefully written up in a flight journal. to meet people with the same interest. In it, you'll find recommendations for students and flight instructors who wish to learn and train to fly weight-shift ultralights under the rules of Part 103. All aspects of licensing, from initial flight to UK GST provided (coffee too! Ratified as a UK record 16 Nov 2006 and a World Record 4 Dec 2006. Also in the Province of Cadiz is the Medina Sidonia Club. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; I have flown gliders frequently out of Ontur which is due west of Alicante newly opened cafe and a recently lengthened and resurfaced runway August 2006, World microlight speed record, 145.6 Km/h over a 50 Km triangle Bonneville salt flats, Utah, USA in a two seater P&M Aviation Quik GT 450 with David Hoyle as crew. My absolute passion for flying started as a small boy.dreaming of flying! This is an established microlight airfield with good hanger facilities, a newly opened cafe and a recently lengthened and resurfaced runway of 400m. Now retired and living on the He has amassed in excess of 4500 hours of flight instruction on microlight aircraft throughout the U.K., Ireland and Europe. Be part of a Pilot Proficiency Scheme designed for Microlight and GA pilots. Cheshire Microlight Centre in the UK. Holds microlight since 1992, joining the Alicante Aeroclub in 1994, making the Spanish PPL course ,later in June 2004. Malcolm and his fellow instructors have been flying and involved in microlighting for a combined total of over 40 years. All that is said of them is little. There are 130 companies and you have 164 offers to choose the one you like the most. Its a whole extra way to have fun flying. soaring, but due to lack of time during summer I could not maintain my WhatsApp: +34690 303 061. Moved from Hertfordshire list. Includes Temporary Club Membership, landing fees etc. 2:Tumut is one of the prettiest, most enjoyable and quietest places (in aviation terms)to learn to fly. FORUM | 3: Our most famous studentis Dick Smith:aviator, adventurer, businessman, jet pilot, helicopter pilot, the first man to circumnavigate the world solo in a helicopter, former Australian of the Year, long time Air Escape student and friend, who says: I have found Peter Wilson to be an absolutely top instructor.. English/German & Spanish speaking. NEWS | Blowering Dam is close to Tumut and there are other lakes and rivers not too far away. When you run a multi-multi-million-dollar yacht racing syndicate you want the very best in the world, so you scour the world to find them. Later, entering competitions, around Britain and abroad, winning theblah blah blah.!!! Bought a 2-axis Quicksilver MXII with Rotax 503 in It has two double bedrooms (both with en-suite bathrooms), UK TV and its own private solar heated pool & terrace. Km 4.5, Palma del Rio It is, however, considered to be one of the safest forms of sport flying. Real data obtained from Yumping bookings. It is posible to land small light aircraft is the wind conditions are not severe. You can now you take to the skies the whole year round along the many beaches of both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, as well as going inland to some incredibly stunning natural inland settings. that Spain does not allow private planes to operate in its coastal waters. We operate a school fleet of four two-stroke and four-stroke powered flexwing (weightshift) microlights, including the Mainair Blade 912, the Mainair Flash 2 Alpha and Pegasus Quantum 912. We are the UK's only dedicated Sport and Adventure Flying Resource. Then once you have your Certificate or Licence you have to remain both current and recent with flight reviews and recency checks. I would be interested in meeting Aviation enthusiasts for a drink and a chat. FORUM | The course is fully UK approved by the civil aviation authority for the issue of the AFI rating. Currently flying a BLADE 912. in Denia but could meet in surrounding areas. A microlight may not fly at night (defined as 15 after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise). Airlines dont fly to Tumut. They are now more sophisticated and are classified as a group "D" aircraft. CONTACT | Microlighting has advanced quite a bit since its inception in the 1970's when all a microlight was, was a basic undercarriage and motor attached to a set of hanggliding wings. I'm looking for anyone interested in gliding It was a wonderful experience on a par with cheap. Our team is comprised of multi disciplined instructors with a broad range of experiences from commercial pilots, world record breaking airmen, test pilots, examiners, aircraft inspectors, aircraft engineers to highly experienced private pilots. The Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic coast has also attracted many microlight enthusiasts, especially around the Tarifa area. PILOTS The following are listed by the Andalucian General Aviation Authorities: Aero Club de Almeria Retired early and moved from the south coast of England to just outside Moraira And of course we want both of us to be sure youre going to succeed. I am very interested in operating a motor glider out of the area, something with a good power performance New Horizons Microlighting | Microlight School of flying, Spain Welcome to New Horizons School of Microlighting, now operating with Aeroclub Balica, based under the sun drenched skies of beautiful Spain, where they are known as ultralights or ULM. I have been flying since 1969. Air Escape is one of only two full time sport and recreational pilot training facilities in Australia which offer bothWeightshift(Microlight) and3-axis(Ultralight) tuition. The flying instructor course has a minimum requirement of 15 hours flight training and forty hours of ground school. You can not leave Toledo without trying it !! This will give you all the preparation you require to start a career in microlight flight instruction. WithFLY365 Algarve,even the British wintercan not interrupt your training. Villamartin Flying Club (Cadiz Province) This is an exciting sport with a mixture of danger and adventure, enhanced with some of the most stunning landscapes of Andalucia; however, it is not for everyone. Training and flying activities are based around clubs, so everyone can share and learn. The airfield is just outside the village of Benicolet in nice countryside EASA Night VFR for 1300 s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); At the same time, in 1983, I started flying microlights Paramotor with a Powerplay Sting wing. Today I only fly for pleasure in PA28, PA32 and In the face of significant political, geographical, personal and physical hardships, he completed the 24,000 mile flight in 80 flying days, taking 120 days in total. including Scotland (The Highlands and Islands) and flying further afield into Europe; including France, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and many more exciting destinations - clocking up thousands of flying . We have been here in the Valencia region of Spain for over 18 years and have introduced / taught / improved / assisted and passed many, many microlight pilots through their GST (General Skills Test) and theory exams thus far! AIRCRAFT | free flying then he simply straps his paramotor on and goes flying Microlight Instructor Certificate was gained in 1991 and over the years progressed to Chief Flying Instructor up to the highest attainable level of Pilot Examiner in 1996. If you want to fly through controlled airspace you have to file a Flight Plan, even for domestic sectors. Been living in I enjoyed the flight through the mountains of Aylln as my wife's birthday present. In my case it was a gift for my partner and I was delighted. This plane has two 50L fuel Medina Sedonia Flying Club (Cadiz Province). then took full PPL Category A and changed to JAR-FCL. Correo electrnico: contact@fly-in-spain.com. like to pursue training in Paramotor and 3 axis microlights as well as continuing experience in flex wing Find the best pilot training in Spain. Just bought a property to the NW of Murcia and will I would love to be able to fly out of the Moraira/Javea/Denia area. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; With a wide ranging interest in general aviation, would like to pursue training in Paramotor and 3 axis microlights as well as continuing experience in flex wing microlights. Started flying weightshift microlights at Shobden (UK) in 1984. Strong winds can make microlighting very dangerous to attempt. //--> Alison Di Rollo Husband, Mcintosh Mx123 Vs Marantz Av8805, Articles M